Tandems in Kanat Bekish


In the past 4 years I have done many bivouacs and hike & fly in this area but never really experienced smooth air, even during 9am top to bottoms after sleeping up on the mountain.

But never say never… Since I am leaving soon for the Alps for some well deserved cross country, I decided to fly a few tandems to share the stoke with a couple of friends.

Since flying tandems is a highly politicized affair in Lebanon (beautiful country inhabited by a majority of greedy ass criminals) I chose to fly my friends in the Bekish area because people are cool and inviting over there, as opposed to the criminals in the Cedars ski station where my friend got beat into a pulp by three locals during Lebanon’s 2nd air games last week, for flying his girlfriend on a tandem…

My passenger’s karma must be epic because we got lucky with butter smooth air from 4:30 pm until sunset, with enough lift to fly from the top of Mzaar mountain to above the Sannine mountain (second highest peak in Lebanon) and cruise everywhere in the area… Funniest part was outclimbing the solos and finding thermals on our way to Sannine while they could not find anything and had to scramble back low towards the landing 😂😂

Great flights, great mood, happy passengers and friends… Never forget flying should always be for fun!


                         Sunset landing


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